What if you could harness the power of stem cells and the growth factors to enhance your skin quality or experience increases in hair growth? Welcome to the world of hair and skin regeneration with platelet-rich plasma.

The Power of Platelet-Rich Plasma

Platelet-rich plasma, or PRP, has been used in the medical field for decades. It was discovered that PRP could help athletes recover more rapidly when tendons and ligaments have been injured. PRP was then found to lead to significant levels of natural regeneration for the skin and hair. When applied after microneedling, the PRP enters more deeply into the skin structure. The growth factors in the PRP help stimulate natural regeneration to restore skin quality. When injected into the scalp, dying hair follicles can be restored, slowing the onset of balding.

Your PRP Hair or Skin Treatment: What to Expect?

PRP is a serum obtained from your own blood. A small quantity of blood is drawn, just like a regular blood test. It is then processed to separate the PRP from the other blood products. The resulting serum is rich in stem cells and growth factors that stimulate the growth of new, healthy cells when injected. At That Face in Chicago, we deliver custom hair and skin rejuvenation with PRP, customized to each individual patient. As the product is derived from your own body, there is a negligible risk of an adverse reaction.

Versatile Anti-Aging Treatment: PRP for Skin Regeneration

PRP has been used to enhance an array of other anti-aging procedures including: 

  • Microneedling
  • Morpheus8 skin rejuvenation
  • Hair growth restoration
  • Facial surgeries 
  • Natural collagen production
  • Scar revision
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Your Journey at That Face: Customized, Personalized Care

PRP is a wonderful way to enhance soft tissue healing, making it an ideal aesthetic procedure. The natural regenerative effects of PRP can produce remarkable changes in your skin quality, healing rate, and can restore hair follicles that are going dormant. Give your skin that beautiful, lit-from-within glow, or undergo PRP hair restoration treatments if you are experiencing the early stages of hair loss or excessive shedding.

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Is it Time for an Anti-Aging Treatment that Works?

Everyone can benefit from the anti-aging benefits of PRP. Since PRP comes from your own blood, it is a very safe treatment. The rejuvenating effects of this aesthetic treatment or surgery can be turbo-charged when combined with the power of the growth factors and stem cells in PRP. Men and women alike can enjoy the regenerative properties of PRP.

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You Deserve Only the Best. 

Dr. Omotara Sulyman-Scott is board-eligible in the fields of Otolaryngology and Facial Plastic Surgery. An experienced facial plastic surgeon with a proven track record for her elevated, natural results, Dr. Sulyman-Scott delivers treatments with next-generation technologies. She created That Face to be an ideal center in Lincoln Park where sophistication meets a warm, inviting atmosphere. Dr. Sulyman-Scott knows that each patient is unique and deserves a customized treatment, performed with skill.  She offers the knowledge, training, and artistry needed to achieve stunning results for women and men who want to enhance the quality of their skin and hair.


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