Are You Bothered by Your Round Cheeks?

Buccal fat pads are standard, deep facial fat pads in the lower portion of your cheeks extending to the temple area. Large buccal fat pads make your face look rounder or chubbier—even if you have a slim physique. Some people lose some portion of buccal fat as they mature, while others never lose their “chubby cheeks.” Despite being at a healthy weight, you may feel your cheeks appear too round or full. Reducing the buccal fat pads can give you a slimmer, more sculpted lower face.

  • Price Range: $4000
  • Recovery time: 3 days
  • Discomfort level: Mild
  • Anesthesia options: Local, IV sedation, General

Am I a Candidate?

Candidates for buccal fat removal are typically men and women in their 20s to 50s who have excessively round cheeks. During your initial consultation, Dr. Sulyman-Scott will thoroughly examine your unique facial structure to determine whether cheek reduction is an appropriate procedure for you. Buccal fat removal may be suitable for you if you: 

  • Have a round or baby-like face
  • Have excessively full cheeks, or “chipmunk cheeks”
  • Would prefer to have a more structured, chiseled facial appearance 
  • Can’t reduce chubby cheeks despite a healthy lifestyle and exercise

Buccal Fat Removal - Before & After

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Is the Procedure Complicated?

Buccal fat removal, performed on its own, is a simple and fast procedure that requires only local anesthesia. Dr. Sulyman-Scott will make a small incision within your cheeks, through which she will remove the fat pad before closing the incision with dissolvable sutures. As the incision is made inside your mouth, there is no visible scarring. The procedure usually takes 30 minutes or less, after which you can return home. Buccal fat removal may also be combined with other facial surgical procedures. Plan to have a friend or family member drive you home, as the anesthesia will still be in your system. 

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A Subtle Change Brings Out Your Natural Beauty

The removal of the buccal fat pad can enhance your facial look in a subtle, but dramatic way. Your cheekbones can become more visible, and your facial structure more elegant and refined. If you are ready for a beautiful change and are ready to consider facial recontouring, you are invited to meet an artist and female facial plastic surgeon at That Face, Dr. Sulyman-Scott.

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Recovery and Results

Most patients experience very little pain and require minimal downtime after buccal fat removal. Unless you have a physically strenuous job, you should be able to return to work within a day or two.

You may experience mild to moderate swelling for the first few days. Dr. Sulyman-Scott will advise you on what to eat following your procedure, which will be a soft diet in the early stages of healing.

Your results are visible immediately, but you will be able to see the final changes once any swelling has faded. Buccal fat removal is a one-time procedure that should not require any further adjustments.

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World-Class Results Right Here in Chicago

One of the only female African American facial plastic surgeons practicing in the USA, Dr. Sulyman-Scott started her career as a nurse and skilled ear, nose, and throat surgeon. She combines the compassion and care of a nurse with the technical precision and mastery of a facial plastic surgeon.

Using the newest, most innovative technology and the most advanced surgical techniques, Dr. Sulyman-Scott works with her patients to achieve the natural-looking results they desire. Dr. Sulyman-Scott really listens to her patients, ensuring she fully understands their wishes, aesthetic goals, and any concerns they may have. At That Face in Chicago, your comfort, confidence, and satisfaction take the highest priority. 


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