Enhance Your Facial Appearance with Natural Fat Transfer

It may sound too good to be true, but with a facial fat transfer, you can remove fat from areas where you have easily accessible fat (such as your belly or thighs) and transfer it to where you need it. The loss of facial volume is one of the main factors contributing to the visible signs of aging. With age, the natural fat beneath your skin diminishes, leaving hollows under the eyes, a saggy jawline, droopy cheeks, deep smile lines, and chin lines. Facial fat transfer resolves these issues most naturally, enhancing your look without synthetic fillers or implants.

  • Price range: $3600-$4600
  • Recovery time: 2- 3 days
  • Discomfort level: Mild 
  • Anesthesia options: Local, IV sedation, General

Is Facial Fat Transfer the Right Procedure for Me?

If you would like more volume and plumpness in certain areas of your face, a facial fat transfer may help you achieve a very natural level of facial rejuvenation. You may be struggling with age-related volume loss, or you may simply feel you lack volume at your cheeks, lips, or other facial areas you inherited through genetics. If you have enough excess fat in another part of your body to perform a facial fat transfer, this procedure can help you achieve:

  • A more attractive, youthful-looking face
  • Fuller cheeks or lips
  • Decreased wrinkles and facial folds
  • Tighter skin with less sagging
  • A more defined jawline

Facial Fat Transfer: Before your procedure

Fat transfer is a minimally invasive procedure, performed with local anesthesia. Before your procedure, you will meet with Dr. Sulyman-Scott who will carefully examine your face and determine where to harvest the donor fat and the areas of your face needing a boost.  She will ask you questions and discuss your personal wishes and goals to ensure that the surgical plan reflects your vision for cosmetic enhancement. Dr. Sulyman-Scott has a woman’s eye for balance and beauty and is an expert at crafting a surgical plan to enhance your look in the most natural way.

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What are the Steps of the Procedure?

The first step is to remove the fat cells from your abdomen, hips, or thighs with a gentle liposuction technique to preserve the health and viability of harvested fat cells. This is done through tiny incisions that heal quickly, with little to no scarring. The fat will be gently processed to maintain the viability of the fat cells and prepare it for injection, after which Dr. Sulyman-Scott will carefully inject it into the areas of your face that need a boost. Local anesthesia will be used to numb the surgical sites to ensure your comfort during the procedure. Surgery time is about 30 to 45 minutes, and after an hour or two, you should be ready to return home.

What is the Recovery Like to Experience?

You can expect to experience some swelling and bruising after your procedure, but discomfort is usually easily managed with pain medication or cold packs. You should be able to return to your regular activities in one to two weeks. After seven to 10 days, most residual bruising should have subsided, but this varies from patient to patient.

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When Will I See My Results?

Results of a facial fat transfer are natural-looking, can be seen immediately, and are long-lasting. Once the bruising and swelling have fully subsided, your enhanced look is visible. The fat that is transferred consists of live cells, and about 50 to 70 percent of the transferred fat cells become viable in the new location. This means that your new facial volume will remain long-term, and the procedure will not need to be repeated regularly (as is required with synthetic dermal fillers).

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