Kybella – melt away your double chin

The active ingredient in Kybella is a synthetic version of a natural substance, deoxycholic acid, a molecule found in bile. In your body system, this acid works to break down and assist the body to absorb dietary fat. When injected into the fat beneath your chi, it has the remarkable capacity to destroy fat cells. After the fat cells are affected by the Kybella, they are shed by your lymphatic system over time. The slimming effect appears gradually, taking about four to six weeks to appear. A series of Kybella treatments may be ideal, based on the quantity of fat you want to remove. The sessions are spaced every eight weeks. 

Should I try Kybella?

You have personal reasons for wanting to remove a double chin. The reasons we perform Kybella injections at That Face include:

  • Non-surgical fat removal
  • Results that last
  • The injections take only about 15 minutes to complete
  • Look younger and slimmer without a double chin
  • FDA-approved to remove under-chin fat
  • Appropriate for most people, minimal risk

How does Kybella work?

Your body may be programmed to store fat in various areas, including beneath the chin. Double chin fat can be difficult to lose, even with a strict diet and exercise – your body just does not want to let it go. Kybella injections allow you to outsmart nature and melt the fat away with a series of injections. The active ingredient in this injectable will destroys fat cells beneath your chin, and once they are destroyed, they are gone forever.

What is the recovery time?

Your Kybella injections may cause some swelling, bruising, and minor soreness, which typically fades within a few days. If you are uncomfortable, over-the-counter pain medication is all that is needed. The swelling usually lasts in the range of three days, but minor swelling can linger a few weeks. Within four to six weeks, you will see the impact of the injections, as the fatty area beneath your chin slims. For the optimal result, you may need a series of injections to achieve your ultimate goal.

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Your treatment experience at That Face in Chicago

At That Face, your journey to a slimmer facial profile will be under the care of Dr. Amotara Sulyman-Scott, one of the only African American female plastic surgeons in the USA. Dr. Sulyman-Scott is an accomplished plastic surgeon who has established a sophisticated, comfortable private practice where you can achieve your aesthetic goals with plastic surgery and a range of non-surgical treatments, including Kybella. If you dream of being free of under-chin fat, you may be a suitable candidate for these customized treatments. 

You will be resting comfortably on a treatment chair and a local anesthetic numbing cream or ice applied to make the experience comfortable. Once the numbing effect is achieved, a series of injections are performed in a grid pattern into the fatty area. The number of injections will vary, based on the quantity of fat. 

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