When the results of a facelift fail to meet your expectations or have faded, a revision facelift can be performed. At That Face, our facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Sulyman-Scott, is a member of “the new generation of plastic surgeons”—medical professionals who use the most advanced surgical techniques to achieve long-lasting, natural-looking results in a revision. Beyond her impressive surgical skills, you will find working with her to be warm, friendly, and empowering.

Should I Get a Second Facelift Surgery? Why a Revision May be Necessary

Errors in Surgical Technique

Many patients have been disappointed to discover how quickly their results have faded—often occurring when a facelift is performed with the older, traditional approach in which only excess skin is removed and pulled tight.

Errors in the Initial Surgery

A revision facelift may be needed when the primary surgery produced an unsatisfactory appearance, such as the facial skin appearing tightly pulled and unnatural, red, raised scars, distortions, or unevenly placed ears. These issues can be addressed with a custom revision facelift.

Results of Surgery Have Faded

Over time, the results of a facelift can fade, as skin laxity increases, tissues thin, and subcutaneous fat diminishes.

Hollows Beneath Your Eyes

You may feel your face looks gaunt, in cases where a facelift was combined with an eyelid lift and the surgery was performed with older “cookie-cutter” techniques.

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Revision Facelift Surgery Choosing the Right Plastic Surgeon Matters

As you are about to embark on a second facial surgery, it is imperative that your revision is performed by a talented plastic surgeon who has mastered the latest facelift techniques. At That Face, our facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Sulyman-Scott, is board eligible in both facial plastic surgery and reconstruction and Otolaryngology, or head and neck surgery.

You Deserve the Best

Her surgical skill level is significantly enhanced by her female artistic eye for balance and beauty. If you are considering a revision facelift, you deserve to be exceptionally pleased with the outcome, and to enjoy the results for many years—looking younger and refreshed, with results that appear natural, not overdone.

Dr. Sulyman-Scott is one of the only African American female plastic surgeons practicing in the USA. As a former nurse, she is dedicated to personal care and compassionate support. Her approach to facelift revision surgery is 100 percent customized and is performed with precision and great attention to detail. In this delicate surgery, even a millimeter can influence a beautiful result.

Your Journey to Confidence Begins at That Face

At That Face in Chicago, you will discover a different approach to facial plastic surgery. A revision is a delicate procedure and can correct an array of aesthetic issues left from a primary facelift surgery. Our goal is to enhance your feelings of confidence in your appearance and help you live a happier life, knowing you look as young and vital as you feel.

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Is it Time for a Second Facelift?

If you had a facelift in the past, and see the results fading with time, your second facelift should be performed with the most effective techniques. Dr. Sulyman-Scott performs facelift revision surgeries using techniques that produce long-lasting, natural-looking results. You are invited to meet with her and discuss what you hope to achieve.

Your expectations and personal aesthetic vision are important. When you are under the care of Dr. Sulyman-Scott, you are never "just another patient." She and her staff are genuinely kind, warm, and compassionate. Meet with us and find out more about our modern practice, where we focus on creating beautiful, natural-looking results with modern facial plastic surgery.

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